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  Wheels and Tires Industry
Auto Wheels and Tires Industry
Automotive wheels and tires cover a major portion of the automotive parts industry. Currently, more than one billion tires are produced every year in the world with the three leading automobile wheel manufacturers absorbing more than 60% of a global market share. China, India, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand are the leading manufacturers of auto tires in the global market. The global market size of the automotive wheels industry accounts to US $ 55 billion, which is forecasted to grow in the coming years. With growing number of automobile wheel manufacturers, the key exporting countries of automobile tires in the world are China, India, Russia, Japan, and Taiwan.

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Wheels and Tires
Wheels and Tires Wheels and Tires
Wheels and Tires
Wheels and tires form an integral part of a vehicle. The smooth functioning of a vehicle depends majorly upon the kind of automotive wheels and tires used. Automotive wheels have circular frames that have the capability of rotating on their axis thereby helping in the movement of a vehicle. Wheels are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and styles. Wheels are attached to an axle, which are used for moving or turning wheels in a circular motion around a point or fulcrum. There are different types of wheels available in the market namely alloy wheel, wire wheel, chrome wheels, rubber wheels, aluminum wheel, magnesium wheel and steel wheel. Apart from wheels, different wheel parts are also found in the market.

Automotive tires are usually rubber tubes or more specifically pneumatic enclosures affixed around a wheel which helps in facilitating rotation of a vehicle. Almost all types of automobiles ranging from two wheelers, cars to airplanes use tires. Tires are filled with air, which ultimately offers a flexible support to the vehicle. Tires enhance the performance of an automobile by providing a smooth and comfortable grip of the road. Mostly, auto tires are manufactured using ductile elastomer material like rubber, fabric and wire. Presently, more than one billion automotive tires are manufactured annually in the world with the three leading automobile wheel manufacturers occupying more than 60% of a global market share. New innovations in terms of material, design and wheels parts in the auto industry have helped the auto wheels and auto tires manufacturers to put forth an extensive array of improved and high performing auto parts.

Wheel and Tire Parts 
Wheel and tire parts are indispensable for any automobile. Automobile wheel manufacturers across the globe use different kinds of raw materials and techniques to manufacture these auto parts in a wide variety. The different types of auto wheel and tire parts are automotive wheels, automotive tubes, flywheel, linkage parts, lug bolts, lug nuts, radial tires, steel radials, tires and wheels accessories, tubeless tires, wheel studs and tube expanders.

Automotive Wheels Automotive Tubes Flywheel
Linkage Parts Lug Bolts Lug Nuts
Radial Tires Steel Radials Tires and Wheels Accessories
Tubeless Tires Wheel Studs Tube Expanders

Automotive wheels are the devices that are circular in shape, surrounded by a rubber-based tire used for moving a vehicle. These wheels respond very quickly to all types of road conditions and provide uniform and frictionless riding. Automobile wheel manufacturers have used different materials for making wheels. Amongst the diverse range of automotive wheels used in automobiles, alloy wheels and wire wheels are the most common.

Alloy Wheel: Alloy wheel as the name suggests is generally made up of aluminum alloy. These aluminum-based auto wheels have greater strength and are lightweight, durable as well as attractive. The alloy wheel lessens the rotating mass of suspension parts of an automobile and ensures perfect steering feel and effective braking response.
Wire Wheel: Wire wheel comprises of three major wheel parts that are inner rings, outer rings and a series of spokes that are used for linking the inner rings and outer rings together. Steel, brass, aluminum, iron, and other types of metals can be used for making wire wheels.

Automotive Wheels
Automotive Tubes
Automotive tubes or auto tubes are prominent parts of auto wheels and tires. Automotive tubes are the natural rubber based flexible and bendable hollow ring, which are installed into the casing of a tire. In simpler terms, these tubes are inflated torus shaped balloons used for preventing the leakage of air from auto tires. The auto tubes are generally heat resistant and have an ability of transporting heavy loads for far away distances on unleveled roads under any weather conditions. Moreover these auto tubes assure the longer tire life by offering excellent air retention and lowering of blowouts after punctures. These auto wheels and tires parts that are auto tubes are highly tensile, powerful, and tear resistant.

Flywheel refers to a rotating disk affixed to a rotating shaft, which smoothen the delivery of power from a motor to a machine. These wheel parts are heavy rimmed rotating automotive wheels. These are the energy storage devices that lessen variations in angular velocity and revolution per minute. More precisely, flywheels that are heavy metal wheels are fixed to drive shaft in which most of the weight is consolidated at the circumference. Flywheel is an essential part of auto wheels and tires.

Linkage Parts

Linkage Parts
Linkage parts consist of many devices, components or equipment used for joining, inter linking or assembling the various parts of an automobile wheel and tire.
Linkage parts can be further segregated into following categories:

Front Axle: Front axle also known as steering axle is a supporting shaft through which set of wheels rotates. Axle forms an essential part of auto wheels and tires, which is generally affixed in a position with bearings or bushings inside a hole in a wheel of a vehicle.
Rear Axle: Rear axle is often considered as dead axle. This type of axle is placed at the front of another axle called pusher axle. Rear axle is mostly used by trailers and trucks to bear the heavy loads.
Tie Rod: An important auto wheels and tires part, tie rod is a metal-based bar used for fastening, binding and linking the various wheel parts of the automobile.
Tie Rod End: Tie rod end refers to flexible and tensile coupling placed in the steering linkage that are further used for connecting the tie rod to the steering knuckles.

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An important part of auto wheels and tires, lug bolt is the round shaped bolt which is flat from the head and aims at providing traction on a tire of a vehicle. Lug bolt is the mechanical part that has flat extension along with a hook but not head. The lug bolts can be made up of steel, iron, brass, aluminum, copper and many more metals.

Lug Bolts

Lug Nuts
Lug nuts refers to a large circular shaped nut. This auto wheels and tires part is affixed over a bolt used for connecting the wheel of a vehicle with its axle. These wheels parts are usually strong but lightweight. Lug nuts are available in a wide variety of sizes and metals

Radial tires are one of the types of pneumatic tires, in which ply cords are connected to the beads that are placed perpendicularly to the centerline of the tread. These wheel parts form an essential part of auto wheels and tires in a vehicle. Generally these tires have a radial ply casing consisting of properly arranged organic fiber cords that are tied around the bead cores. The radial tires have belt plies that are surrounded around the tire under a tread, which braces the tread and enlarges the tread area.

Radial Tires
Steel Radials
Steel radial that is one of the vital auto wheels and tires parts, provides greater advantages over any other conventional off road tires. Steel radials have sturdy shoulders, durable, and ultra-hard wearing tread compounds. This category of radial has flexible and extremely long lasting spokes, bars, and lines arranged in a shape of radii that are fitted on to automotive wheels.

Tires and wheels accessories include whole ensemble of supportive devices, equipment or parts used along with automotive wheels and tires. These accessories are useful in assembling, installing and protecting automobile tires and wheels. These accessories form an integral part of auto wheels and tires for every vehicle.
Some of the auto wheels and tires accessories are:

Tires and Wheels Accessories
Tubeless Tires
Tubeless tire, a part of auto wheels and tires, is another category of pneumatic tire which does not have a separate butyl inner tube. This is one of the advanced tire technologies in which even if the tire gets punctured then the air is released only through the hole, ultimately leading to a smooth deflation of the tire. Moreover a liquid tire sealant can be applied on to the surface of tubeless tires with the main aim of preventing deflation.

Wheel studs are another forms of bolts used especially for joining the wheel of a vehicle to an axle. These round headed bolts are fixed up inside the holes of an axle flange face with the help of a press and its knurls hold them firmly. Wheel studs are important for auto wheels and tires to the axle.

Wheel Studs

Tube Expanders
Tube expanders, the major parts of auto wheels and tires, include devices and tools used for opening, stretching, calibrating and expanding a tire tube of an automobile.

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