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Motorcycle Electrical Parts
Motorcycle electrical parts fall under various categories like stators, rectifiers/regulators, speedometers and electrical accessories. While, stator provides power, rectifier converts this power to DC and regulator keeps check on the voltage. A battery is also provided for storing power. A speedometer usually includes an odometer, double trip meter, and engine temperature. Computerized speedometers can also function as tachometers. Accessories mostly include turn signals, connectors, wiring, light switches, voltage regulators etc. Many models have certain other type of accessories like Dirt Bike Flywheel Puller, Pickup Coils etc. India, UK, Taiwan and China are the important manufacturers. The US and many countries in Europe are chief importers. Automobile sales were recorded 51,158 units with a growth rate of 1.03% as compared the 50,638 units in July 2006, but 3.88% lower than in June 2007.

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Motorcycle Electrical Parts
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