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Motorcycle Braking System
Motorcycle braking systems have to handle very high horsepower especially in the case of racing bikes. They are mainly of two types: The ABS (antilock brake systems), and the TCB (traction control brakes). The automotive parts that comprise of motorcycle braking system include caliper bleed valve, caliper pin bolt, brake hose oil bolt, sleeve nuts and more. ABS is an electrical system and TCB is an all-mechanical system. Very few motorcycles come supplied with ABS and the possibility of retrofitting of ABS in existing motorcycles is remote because there have to be many different versions of such systems according to the different models of motorcycles. Further this cost between $1500 and $2000. TCB on the other hand fit most of the existing motorcycles and costs only about $100-$200. TCB's are popular the world over. China and Taiwan are the foremost manufacturers.

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Motorcycle Braking System

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Motorcycle Braking System
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