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 Two Wheeler Parts Industry
Two Wheeler Parts Industry
The two wheeler parts industry is one of the fastest growing segments in worldwide automobile industry, which is predicted to attract huge amounts of investment worth $35-40 billion by the end of 2016. Japan, China, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong are the leading countries, which manufacture two wheeler and its parts in the world. Japan is the largest manufacturer of two wheelers in the world with a total share of 60% in the world, followed by India. Currently, India is producing 7,00,000 two wheelers annually with an overall investment of 10 billion.

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Two Wheeler Parts
Two Wheeler Parts Two Wheeler Parts
Two Wheeler Parts
Two wheeler parts comprise of various tools and devices which ensures smooth and proper functioning of different types of two wheelers like scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles. It not only includes spare parts but also various accessories.

Types of Two Wheeler Parts 

Motorcycle Apparel and Helmets Motorcycle Braking System Motorcycle Chains
Motorcycle Chassis Motorcycle Electrical Parts Motorcycle Engine Parts
Motorcycle Fuel Supply System Motorcycle Suspension and Steering Motorcycle Tools and Accessories
Motorcycle Wheels and Tires

Motorcycle Apparel and Helmets includes wide variety of clothing or garments such as shirts, jackets, pants, gloves, shoes, boots, helmets, goggles and other types of accessories used by a biker while driving. Motorcycle apparel comes in variety of sizes, designs, and vibrant colors. Leather is the most commonly used fabric for manufacturing assorted range of motorcycle apparel.
Commonly used motorcycle apparel and accessories available in the market are:

Motorcycle Apparel and Helmets

Motorcycle Apparel and Helmets
Motorcycle Braking System

Motorcycle Braking System
A typical motorcycle braking system consists of number of devices and components that are used for slowing stopping or slowing the speed of a moving motorcycle. Usually there are two brakes installed in a motorcycle—one is located on the front wheel and the second one is placed at the rear wheel. Front wheel brake is controlled by the right hand while the rear wheel brake is operated by the right foot. It is mandatory that both the brakes should be used simultaneously. The front brakes are extremely robust and apply around 70 to 90 percent of the total braking force. The main components of motorcycle braking system are:
Braking technologies used in motorcycle and two wheelers are:

Motorcycle Chains are the metal based rings interconnected together in a form of series and are used for transmitting power from the transmission to the rear wheel. Usually these chains have the metal-based cover and they are lubricated with high viscosity grease for distributing heat and shock load. O-ring chains and Non-O-Ring chains are the two commonly used motorcycle chains. Stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum can be used for manufacturing motorcycle chains.

Motorcycle Chains
Motorcycle Chassis
Motorcycle Chassis includes three basic components frame, suspension and wheels on which the body of the motorcycle is very well supported. The frame used in motorcycle chassis is generally made of metals like aluminum, steel or an alloy. Motorcycle chassis acts as a structural framework on which various components such as engine and gearboxes are affixed. Moreover these frames provide support to the suspension system as well as the wheels.

Motorcycle Electrical Parts are used for generating and distributing power to the essential components of engine of a motorcycle. Electrical parts and components used in motorcycle perform various functions such as starting the engine of a motorcycle, burning fuel and operating lights.
Motorcycle electrical parts can be classified into various categories namely:

Motorcycle Electrical Parts

Motorcycle Engine Parts

Motorcycle Engine Parts
Motorcycle Engine Parts constitute of several tools and components that are responsible for transmitting thermal energy into mechanical energy for power. Generally, motorcycle runs on gasoline combustion engine while some of the scooter operates with the help of an electric motor.
Motorcycle engine parts have three main functions:

Motorcycle fuel system incorporates various components, tools and devices that are mainly used for collecting fuel and sending it to other components of motorcycle engine whenever it is required. Under this system, the mixture of air and water enters the engine through a fuel pump. Then, this fuel goes to fuel filter via fuel line where it is filtered and all the impurities are separated mechanically from the fuel. After filtration stage, fuel is sent to carburetor where it gets blended with air to produce optimum fuel mixture.
The components used in an automobile fuel supply system are as follows:

Motorcycle Fuel Supply System
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Motorcycle Suspension and Steering
Motorcycle suspension and steering system has two fold functions: Firstly to provide support to the vehicle and secondly to ensure comfortable and smooth ride on adverse road conditions. The most common form of motor cycle suspension and steering system comprises of a pair of fork tubes for the front suspension, and for rear suspension it has a single swing arm equipped with one or more shock absorbers.
There are wide variety of devices and parts used in motorcycle suspension and steering system, which are:

Motorcycle Tools comprises of various parts and devices, which are needed for enhancing and improving the overall look and functioning of a motorcycle. Tools are basically supplementary items that do not interfere with the functioning of the automobile. Their main function is to improve or enable multiple parts of a motorcycle to function effectively.
Motorcycle tools consists of:

Motorcycle Tools

Motorcycle Tools
Motorcycle Wheels and Tires
Wheels and tires are considered to be principal parts of a motorcycle. The wheels used in a motorcycle are connected to an axle that rotates the wheel around a certain point while tires are the rubber tubes filled with air and are installed on the rim. Moreover, tires used in motorcycle are generally made of rubber, fabric and wire. Motorcycle wheels can be manufactured using aluminum, magnesium, carbon fibre, chrome, alloy and steel. Wheels come in vast variety of sizes, styles and dimensions. The normal size of wheels used in two wheelers is 17 inch.

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