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Automobile Transmission System Articles
Automobile Transmission System - A Brief Outline ...
Automobile transmission system refers to the assembly of gears and associated automotive components by means of which the power of the engine is multiplied and transmitted ...

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 Automobile Transmission    System Industry
 Transmission System Industry
The total revenue for the worldwide auto transmission system or automobile transmission parts industry was around US$34.61 billions, with the gross profit of 19%. China, South Korea, United States, India, Germany and Japan are the prominent manufacturing countries of automotive or automobile transmission parts industry in the world. Over the years, the auto transmission parts supply has also increased at a faster pace.

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Automotive or Automobile Transmission System
Automotive or Automobile Transmission System Automotive or Automobile Transmission System
A basic automotive transmission system or auto transmission system comprises of various transmission components such as gears, shafts and other parts, which function together to enable the movement of an automobile.

Automobile or automotive transmission system consists of various devices that help in transmitting power from the engine through the drive shaft to the live axle of an automobile. Gears, brakes, clutch, fluid drive and other auto transmission parts work together for transforming the speed ratio between the engine and wheels of a vehicle. The auto transmission system incorporates various components, which are attached to the back of the engine, and used for distributing the power from the engine to the drive wheels.

Automotive Transmission System Parts 

Automobile or Automotive Transmission Automotive Gear Parts Clutch
Differential Gear Shifters Output Shaft
Torque Converters Transmission Axles Universal Joints

Automotive transmission or auto transmission is generally of two types namely automatic transmission and manual transmission. Automatic transmission is that type of transmission that automatically changes the gears with regard to speed of the vehicle. The primary components of automatic transmission include planetary gear sets, hydraulic system, seals and gaskets, torque converter, governor, modulator and computer. While in the manual transmission system, driver drives the vehicle with the help of a hand-operated gearshift and a foot operated clutch. The other auto transmission parts used in automobile transmission system are flywheel, flywheel ring gears and pressure plate.

Auto Transmission Parts: Automobile Transmission
Auto Transmission Parts: Automotive Gears and Gear Parts

Auto Transmission Parts: Automotive Gears and Gear Parts
Automotive gear and gear parts constitute an essential part of an automotive transmission system. These transmission parts are toothed wheels that comprises of interlinked set of rotating gears which are basically used for changing speed or direction of a moving vehicle. The size and dimension of the automotive gears differ according to the size of the vehicle. For covering smaller distances there are low gears and for larger distances there are high gears. High gears usually have more number of teeth and have an ability of covering larger distances in just one revolution of pedal.
There are wide variety of gears and gear parts used in automobiles, which are:

Clutch is basically a lever or pedal that is used for changing gears in an automobile. The clutch used in automobile is a device which helps in making the vehicle move smoothly from a standstill position, accelerate it with different gears and bring it back to its original standstill position. The key use of the clutch is to manage the smooth start, acceleration and control the mileage of an automobile. Usually judder and heat resistant materials are used for making automotive clutches. Stainless steel, carbon, iron, copper, bronze, brass etc are widely used for manufacturing automobile clutch.
An automobile clutch comprises of many components, which have multiple uses and functions such as:

Auto Transmission Parts: Clutch
Auto Transmission Parts: Differential
Differential is a device or an equipment that comprises of gears which are attached to the drive shaft and allows the wheels to rotate at varied speeds. The main purpose of creating this mechanism is for driving wheels with alike force thereby allowing them to turn at different speeds. More specifically, differential balances the power between the left and right drive wheels at the time of cornering i.e. when inside wheels move more slowly than the outside wheels.
Different types of differential parts used in automobile are:

An essential part of automotive transmission or auto transmission system, gear shifter is basically the mechanical component that is used for controlling and operating the gearing mechanism and choosing the suitable gear ratio. These are the critical parts of the gearbox that usually comprises of shift forks, shift knobs and shift lever. Shifter forks used in automobile transmission systems are affixed to a cam and shaft assembly. While the shift levers are attached either to a control on the steering column or a shift stick placed on the floor.

Auto Transmission Parts: Gear Shifters
Auto Transmission Parts: Output Shaft
Output shaft is a rotatable cylindrical bar that is used in automotive transmission systems for transmitting torque from a device. The basic parts of an output shaft are plug-in, spline and tapered tool fittings. These automotive transmission parts also called as drive shaft or slow speed shaft are the essential elements of speed reducer, which is affixed to driven equipment.

Torque converter is the mechanical or hydraulic turbine used for connecting the drive plate located at the rear of the internal combustion engine to the automatic transmission. These automotive transmission devices change the torque speed ratio and also mechanical advantage among an input shaft and output shaft. Torque converters used in automobiles are made up of two components - a turbine and a pump attached to an independent rotating shaft. Torque converter as displayed in the figure is fastened to flywheel of the automobile engine and turn with the same speed as the engine.

Auto Transmission Parts: Torque Converters
Auto Transmission Parts: Transmission Axles
Transmission axles are the shafts usually rods or bars, which are used for providing support to differential shafts and wheels in order to actuate a vehicle. These transmission parts consists of spline at one end and flange at the other end. Both of these components are used for holding tightly the wheel studs. More precisely, transmission axle is the metal based shaft to which wheels, brakes and other automotive suspension parts are connected.
Axles used in transmission are of many types like:

Universal joint is also known as cardan joint and U joint. This joint is the point of connection in a stiff rod which enables the rod to turn in any desired direction in auto transmission system. In other words universal joint is a joining link between two shafts that are in a changing position. These automotive transmission parts are one of the earliest form of flexible couplings that have two shaft yokes located at 90 degrees angle to each other and a four point cross that fasten the yokes.

Auto Transmission Parts: Universal Joints

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