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Suspension and Steering Articles
Steering Repair - Must for A Smooth Drive ...
Smooth functioning of automotive steering system is the reason for a pleasant and safe drive. Suspension and steering, the two essentials automotive parts are interconnected with each ...

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  Automotive Suspension and    Steering Industry
Automotive Suspension and Steering Industry
Automotive suspension and steering manufacturers across the globe are constantly focusing on improving the quality of automobile suspension and steering parts through extensive research and development on different materials as well as production techniques. In the present auto industry, different automobile parts manufacturers are struggling hard to maintain their position in their respective regions. The major automotive suspension manufacturers come from European, United States and Asian regions. These regions all together account for total market share of more than 80 percent of the worldwide automobile suspension and steering parts industry. European market is considered to be the dominant market of automotive suspension and steering parts with a size of US $ 1.54 billion. United States occupies the second position followed by Japan.

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Suspension and Steering
Suspension and Steering Suspension and Steering
Automotive or automobile suspension and steering are the two paramount parts of an automobile, which are directly related to each other. Automotive suspension system is especially created for supporting an automobile’s body on its undercarriage, including dampers, springs and locating linkages.

While automotive or automobile steering system is basically a mechanical system through which driver of the vehicle controls and operate the movement of an automobile, truck, tractor or bus. The basic function of an automobile suspension and steering system is to enable the wheels of a vehicle to function independently thereby making it more sound, sturdy and suspended.

Suspension Parts 

Control Arms Idler Arms Motor Mounts
Pinions Pitman Arms Shock Absorbers
Suspension Springs Suspension Beams Transmission Mounts

Control arms are also called as ‘wishbone’ or ‘A’ arm. It is a triangular sub frame that has rotatable shafts at both the ends. The bigger end of the triangle is used for connecting the frame with pivots located on a bushing. While the other end is used for joining the steering knuckle with the pivots placed on a ball joint. In simpler terms, control arms are pivotal automobile suspension system parts like link control arm, which is used for linking steering knuckles to the chassis or sub-frame, thereby ensuring up and down movement of the knuckles.

Control Arms
Idler Arms
In the automotive suspension and steering system, idler arms are the rods having shafts at its ends, which are used for providing support to the tie rods. These are also used for transmitting steering motion to both the wheels via the ends of the tie rod. These idler arms have rods, which are connected to frame of the vehicle at one end and provide support to the ball joint at the other end. Both idler arms and pitman arms are used for supporting the movement of the steering linkage in the direction operated by the steering gear.

An important part of automotive suspension and steering system, motor mounts are the rubber-coated bracket that are used for holding the engine and transmissions to the frame of the vehicle thereby absorbing the engine vibrations. These mounts are installed in automobiles to prevent unwanted oscillations and wheel hops that could hamper the working of the transmission. Motor mounts are made of a rubber pad having a stud at both the sides. One stud comprises of a nut, which is screwed from the backside while the other one is attached to the motor bracket.

Motor Mounts
Pinions refer to gears in automotive suspension and steering system, having small number of teeth intertwined together in a bigger wheel or a rack. The pinion gears rotate and spin with the steering shaft thus resulting in the movement of rack from left to right. Pinions move the rack to the left or right only when the steering wheel is turned.

Pitman arms are attached to the steering box sector shaft that assists the movement of a steering wheel. This arm is used on the rear wheel drive automobiles equipped with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering. Pitman arms are basically a type of lever that coverts torque into mechanical force facilitating the smooth movement of the steering linkage. This important component of the automotive suspension and steering system or automobile steering system is supported by the sector shaft and has a drag link that is supported by ball joint. Moreover, pitman arms turn the angular movement of sector shaft into linear movement that is required for steering the wheels.

Pitman Arms
Shock Absorbers
Shock absorbers are the mechanical devices having springs located in the balance wheel bearings which are used for preventing the vehicle from getting bumps. Also known as damper, shock absorbers smoothen a sudden shock impulse and disperse kinetic energy. Shock absorbers installed in the automotive suspension and steering system of a vehicle decrease the effect of traveling over uneven and rough ground, resulting in the better ride quality. Mostly shock absorbers make use of coil springs, leaf springs and torsion springs.

Automotive or automobile suspension and steering system make use of many kinds of suspension springs that help the vehicle to move comfortably and adapt to the uneven road conditions. These suspension springs used by an automobile contract when the wheels come in contact with a bump and expand when they hit a dip. Suspension springs thus form essential auto parts of automobile suspension and steering system.

Suspension Springs
Suspension Beams
Suspension beams are also known as torsion spring suspension. This type of suspension makes use of torsion bars that are capable of bearing any type of weight. Suspension beams' one end is connected to the vehicle chassis while the other end is linked to a suspension arm, axle or spindle. Mostly trucks and SUV’s make use of torsion bars in their automotive suspension and steering system. These bars are durable, easy to install, adjustable and provide larger travel as compared to leaf spring systems.
The sub-categories of suspension beams include:

Transmission mounts are also known as the transfer cases for four wheelers. An integral part of automotive suspension and steering system of vehicles, transmission mounts form the rear support of the engine or transmission assembly and offer the right operating angle for the front of the drive shaft.

Transmission Mounts

Automotive Steering Parts 

Steering Column Steering Wheels Steering Parts
Steering Mechanism

Steering Column
Steering column comprises of machinery or mechanical devices, which are used for steering an automobile. In the steering column assembly, the steering column shaft is usually attached to two needle bearings fastened in rubber mountings. Another important part of the steering column is wiring connectors. Essential suspension and steering parts, these devices are used for connecting different wires used in automobile steering assembly.

Steering wheels are commonly referred to as hand wheel or driving wheel. This device is an integral part of automotive steering system that is controlled and operated by the driver of the vehicle. This type of steering control is used in almost all type of automobile ranging from mass production vehicles to light as well as heavy trucks. Steering wheels are round shaped wheels, that are connected to steering columns with the help of one or more spokes. These are hand-operated steering wheel pads especially designed to control the direction and movement of the wheels or rudder of a vehicle.

Steering Wheels
Steering Parts
Automotive steering parts include all those devices or tools such as steering boxes, steering shafts, wire connectors, which are used for building or assembling the steering system of an automobile. All these steering parts have different uses and functions. The basic types of steering parts are:

By automotive steering mechanism, we mean a system composed of various devices and components which are used for steering a motor vehicle. Power steering is the widely used mechanism in automobiles in which engineer power expands the torque applied to the steering wheel. Power steering pumps used in automotive steering mechanism comprises of retractable vane that is driven by the car's engine via a belt and pulley.

Steering Mechanism

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