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Automotive Dies and Moulds
Automotive Dies and Moulds
The world's die and moulds industry has been experiencing unprecedented changes and developments because of the higher demands and advancement in technological levels for different grades of dies and moulds. The forerunners of automotive dies and moulds throughout the world are Howmet Castings, J. L. French Automotive Castings, Gibbs Die-Casting Corp., Trident Components Group, SPX Corporation, Rochester Aluminum Smelting Canada Ltd, Alcast Company, Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp., Consolidated Metco, Dynacast Inc., and Shanghai Cosmopolitan Automobile Accessory Co. The moulds and dies are used primarily by different industries like semiconductors, electronics, furniture, household lighting parts, telecommunication, audio, computers, and automobiles. These major industry players specialize in making reliable quality moulds for both exterior as well as interiors parts of different automobiles in varied shapes and designs. The key products of this industry comprise of dies and moulds for side view mirrors, floor consoles, engine, seat belts, sight glass, etc.

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Automotive Dies and Moulds

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