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High-intensity headlights affixed to the front of automobiles are an active safety feature that helps in illuminating the road ahead at the time of night or precipitation. The core function of headlights is to avoid any major mishappenings or accidents before they happen. Different versions of headlights are available in the market like halogen, projector headlights, xenon headlights, and sealed beam headlights. Halogen versions of headlights are the most popular and cost effective headlights used in the vehicles today. These lights come in varied sizes to fit any type of vehicle ranging from car, truck to van or SUVs. Round and oval shaped lights are one of the common forms of headlights used in automobiles. The headlights similar to tail lights and side lights are made of materials like tungsten or halogen, which give automobile defined looks and excellent visibility for the driver. Taipei, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Zhejiang, Taichung, Florida, Changshu are some of the places that are known for manufacturing headlights in the world.

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