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Auto Lighting System Articles
An Overview Of Automobile Lighting System ...
An automotive lighting system comprises lighting and signaling devices and gadgets installed and at the sides, front, and rear of an automobile.This complex system assists ...

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 Automobile Lighting System    Industry
Automobile Lighting System Industry
The current size of an automobile lighting industry is US $ 6.6 billion, which is expected to grow US $ 10.6 billion by the end of 2011. The leading manufacturers of automobile lights and accessories in the world are United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia.

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Automobile Lighting System
Automobile Lighting System Automobile Lighting System
Automobile Lighting System
The lighting system of an automobile comprises of various lighting and signaling devices or components fixed to the front, sides and rear of the vehicle. Automobile lighting system has multiple uses and functions, which are:
  • It provides illumination for the driver of a vehicle to drive safely in dark.
  • Secondly, automobile lights enhance the visibility of an automobile.
  • Thirdly, automobile lights act as the warning signals. They showcase information about the presence, position, size, speed and direction of an automotive.
Components of Automobile Lighting System 

Auxiliary Lights Headlights Tail Lights
Sidelights Interior Light Light Accessories

Auxiliary Lights are the devices, which are exclusively created to offer long range illumination forward of the vehicle that improves and increases the visibility of distant objects in the night. These lights are fitted just above the bumper of an automobile or on its grill. These lights are used along with headlamps to enhance the visibility of various distant objects coming in contact while driving during nights.
Common types of auxiliary lights are:

Auxiliary Lights

These lighting devices are affixed to the front side of an automobile, whose main function is to light the road ahead of you. These lights are really powerful and have reflectors as well. Its usage is not only restricted during nights but can also be used in the foggy conditions as well. Headlights are the intrinsic parts of the vehicle, which are affixed to the header panel assembly at the front side of your automobile. These lights comprise of three basic components: reflectors, filament and special lenses that are melded closely in an airtight unit. Headlights come in variety of shapes, designs, colors, materials and sizes but round is the common shape as it is easy to manufacture. They are mostly made of plastic, Headlights usually come in pairs and are operated electronically.
Headlights are categorized as :

Tail Lights are the lamps, usually covered by a red or translucent body, which are installed at the rear end of an automobile. Taillights are mounted at the backside of a vehicle and usually come in pairs.
The common types of tail lights are:
Signal Lights or Turn Lights: are usually yellow in color and are used for indicating whether the vehicle is moving towards left or right.
Reverse lights are installed to warn others about the backing up of the vehicle. Reverse lights switches on automatically when the driver puts the vehicle in reverse gear.
Park lights are used for warning or signaling the drivers about the presence of another vehicle at the time of foggy, rainy or dark weather. These lights are also used as brake lights.
Tail Lights are categorized as :

Tail Lights
Sidelights are often regarded as directional lights, which are enclosed in a plastic shell or frame and are affixed to the front side of an automobile. The sidelights are especially designed to improve greater visibility and for safety.

Interior Lights comprises of different types of powerful lighting devices used in the interior portion of a vehicle. Interior lights mostly consist of key light and instrument displays. Key lights are very powerful mini flashlights that are installed inside the head of a bow or door lock. While instrument display comprises of small mechanical devices like dual tachometer, altimeter, air speed, vertical speed indicator, ammeter, engine instrument cluster used for measuring air, speed, pressure and flow of a fuel in a vehicle.
Interior Lights comprise of:

Interior Light
Light Accessories
Light Accessories are the additional components or devices which adds elegance to the interior as well as exterior of a vehicle. Light accessories include LED lights, Light bars, light covers, lights, lenses, neon lights and roll bars.
The sub categories of light accessories are :

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