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 Automotive Gaskets and Seals    Industry
Automotive Gaskets and Seals Industry
The worldwide automotive gaskets and auto seals industry is highly diverse industry, which is expected to reach US $ 39.3 billion by the end of 2009. The size of US automobile gaskets and seals industry that comprises of various auto gaskets manufacturers and seals suppliers is US $ 7.3 billion that is predicted to grow at an average rate of 4.3% every year. Keeping in mind the production gains for gaskets and seals industry and the growing interests of auto gaskets manufacturers & suppliers, there is estimation that their demand will rise annually at the rate of 5.5%. The total revenue of this industry in 2006 was around US $ 6.59 billions and total import export value was US $ 3.7 billions. The leading trading countries of automobile gaskets and automobile seals are Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and Germany.

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Automotive Gaskets and Seals
Automotive Gaskets and Seals Automotive Gaskets and Seals
                Gaskets and Seals
Automotive gaskets refers to a mechanical seal which is used for filling the gap between the two components in order to ensure that there is no leakage between them during compression stage. These are manufactured using variety of materials like gasket paper, plastic polymer, rubber, fiberglass, silicone, metal, cork, and felt. Automotive gaskets can bear both low and high compressive loads. These automotive parts come in different designs, shapes and specifications. Commonly used gaskets include sheet, solid material, spiral wound, and double jacketed.

The stationery sprung elements that are used for holding tightly the various components of an automobile are automotive seals. Automobile seals or auto seals are mostly made of rubber or stainless steel. The different types of automotive seals that are widely used today in automobiles are camshaft and auxiliary shaft seals, water pump seals, trans axle seals, oil seals, wheel bearing and axle grease.

Types of Automotive gaskets and Seals 

Automobile Cooling System Gaskets Differential Gaskets and Seals Engine Gaskets and Seals
Fuel System Supply Gaskets Transmission Gaskets and Seals

Differential gaskets and seals are specifically designed to prevent dirt and grime from getting into the axle tube and damaging the crucial components of automobile transmission components. Differential gaskets and seals are usually flexible automotive seals that are affixed on the axle used in transmission. These gaskets and seals also hold the gear oil in and throw the left out impurities out. Axle seal is one of the important types of differential gaskets and seals.

Differential Gaskets and Seals
Automobile Cooling System Gaskets
Automobile cooling system gaskets are used for sealing or fixing together the matched components and pipe joints so that the gas or liquid does not leak. Soft sheet metals are used for producing automobile cooling system gaskets. The other materials that can be used for making gaskets are bullet steel, stainless steel, graphite, silicon, neoprene, polymeric resins, copper, nitriles and fibre-based composites. These automotive gaskets are installed in automobiles so as to ensure that the fluids or gases do not leak out. Cooling system gaskets and seals act as powerful barrier among the cylinder head and block of any engine.

Engine gaskets and seals are one of the essential types of automotive gaskets & seals that make sure that the oil, fluids, coolant and air do not leak out from internal and outside passages of an internal combustion engine. These automobile gaskets tightly seal the cylinders so that maximum compression takes place in the engine cylinder. Head gaskets are the most critical automotive gaskets and automobile seals that are used in the automobile engine system that absorbs all the heat and compression produced by the engine of the vehicle.
Other important engine gaskets and seals are:

Engine Gaskets and Seals
Fuel System Supply Gaskets
Fuel supply gaskets are mostly used for obstructing the leakage of fluids thereby maintaining the appropriate pressure in an engine enclosure. It acts as a strong seal between two static surfaces. Fuel pump gaskets consists of a flexible material, which is put between the fuel pump spacer block and fuel pump-mounting surface in order to check oil leakage.

Transmission Gaskets and Seals
Transmission gaskets and seals are made of flexible material generally in the form of a ring or sheet that are used for making a pressure-tight connection between the automobile transmission components. These automotive gaskets and seals are of two types: internal seals and external seals. Internal automotive seals are installed in vehicles to obstruct the leakage in accumulators, servos and clutch packs while external automotive seals are used for stopping the leakage of fluid taking place outside the trans axle case.

Transmission Gaskets And Seals

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