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Fuel Cells
Fuel Cells
Fuel cells used in automobiles are the electrochemical devices that are used for generating power from external supplies of fuel and oxidants. Many researches have been going on to produce efficient, clean and fuel flexible cells for internal combustion engines. Different types of fuel cells are out in the market such as alkaline fuel cell, polymer exchange membrane fuel cell, molten carbonate fuel cell, solid oxide fuel cell, direct methanol fuel cell, and phosphoric acid fuel cell. Besides automobiles, these cells can also be used in lights, motors and any number of electrical appliances. Globally, the market size of this industry is US $ 2.5 billions approximately and its sales are expected to generate more than US $ 35 billions by the end of 2013. United States, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada are the leading markets in the world meeting around four fifths of fuel cells demand. Fuel cells found their usage in all types of fuel pumps whether, mechanical fuel pump, diesel engine fuel pump or electrical fuel pump.

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Fuel Cells
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