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Automotive Lpg System
Automotive Lpg System
The introduction of LPG systems in the automobiles offers two major advantages that are improved greenhouse performance and it is an economical saving for higher annual distance vehicles. There are several types of LPG systems that are supplied in the market ranging from dedicated LPG system, after market conversion to factory backed conversion. LPG fitted automobiles emits lesser harmful pollutants and low noise. When the vehicle gets converted into LPG, it saves around 50% of amount that you spend on petrol driven vehicles. Liquefied petroleum gas is one of the feasible alternative vehicle fuels that has an annual turnover of ??500 million and it employs around 20000 people. Worldwide, there are over 10 million vehicles powered with the help of LPG.

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Automotive Lpg System
 LPG Fuel Tank

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