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Engine Belts
Engine Belts
An automobile engine is susceptible to severe damages if the belt and pulley installed in it breaks. Both these devices function in coordination with wheels and axles for transmitting energy and motion. In a typical engine, pulleys are attached to shafts and power is transferred between them by means of continuous engine belts running over the pulleys. Various types of belts and pulleys are used in engines such as single continuous belt, multiple belt, accessory belt, timing belt, automotive V-ribbed belt, timing belt pulley, alternator pulley, crankshaft pulley, idler pulley, power steering pulley, camshaft pulley etc. The engine belts are made of highly resilient and temperature resistant materials namely rubber, aramid fiber, fiberglass, twaron, and kevlar while pulleys are mostly manufactured using durable materials like aluminum, steel, brass, bronze and cast iron. The chief manufacturing locations of engine belts and pulleys in the world are Houston, Taipei Hsien, Wenzhou, Montreal, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Seoul, Venice, Kowloon, and Istanbul.

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Engine Belts
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