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Automobile Ignition System
Automobile Ignition System
The key operation of the automobile ignition system has changed little over the years but advancements in it have resulted in the invention of different forms of ignition devices. Basically, there are three main types of ignition systems used in automotive namely electronic ignition systems, conventional breaker point type ignition systems and distributorless ignition system. The ignition system of an automobile is mainly used for generating a spark that burns the mixture of air and fuel into the cylinder. Automobile ignition system is the heart of an engine that is switched on and off with the help of a lock switch. The main components of ignition systems are made of variety of materials like steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, rubber, copper, brass, bronze, fiber etc. AG, Delphi Automotive systems, Denso Corporation, Siemens VDO Automotive, Hitachi Automotive Products Inc., Prestolite Electric, Valeo SA, and Visteon Corp are some of the well-known manufacturers of automobile ignition and lighting equipments. Apart from these there are lot of other manufacturers spread across the globe mentioned on this page.

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Automobile Ignition System
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