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Automobile Chassis
Automobile Chassis
The chassis is considered to be the most significant component of an automobile. Chassis is the most crucial element that gives strength and stability to the vehicle under different conditions. Apart from the strength and flexibility, it also gives design exclusivity to the automobile. It is the supporting frame of a vehicle to which the body of an engine, rear axle assemblies are affixed. It helps in keeping a vehicle rigid and provides low levels of noise, vibration and harshness throughout the automobile.

The technologies and processes used in manufacturing vehicular chassis over the last few decades have undergone tremendous changes because of the rising demands of consumers, mass scale production and urge to lessen the costs of chassis. Innovative advancements in technology have resulted in the production of strong, durable and corrosion resistant chassis. Steel monocoque chassis is the most sought after choice among the automobile manufacturers as it is economical, efficient and functions well with assembly-line type. Other types of chassis that are available in the market are ladder chassis, transmission mounts, monocoque chassis and backbone chassis.

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