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Hand Held Tools
Automotive hand held tools are used with automotive controller systems such as engine, transmission, anti-lock brake and body controllers. Wrenches, hammers, pliers are some elements to name in hand held tools and proper usage of right tool for automotive helps in intended job to be completed efficiently. The other types of hand held tools include flare tools, impact drivers, screwdrivers and many more. The global market of automotive hand held tools is estimated to be growing at 10% CAGR for the immediate next five years. Ackley, HED, Inc is leading manufactures of automotive hand held tools in global market. Advancements in technologies like introduction of micro chips in recent days have led to development of automotive hand held tools of lighter weight, having higher durability, with advanced functionality, efficient performance and there by results in increased production and helps in significant cost cutting.

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Hand Held Tools
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