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Do you own a car? Must be having an access to a number of automotive tools. But your tools' box isn't complete without some special ...

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 Automotive Tools Industry
Automotive Tools Industry
The world market for Automotive Tools are esimated to be more than $ 2200 billion.The US market for Automotive Tools is approximately $6.2 billion . This is the estimated valuation of automotive tools,gripping/driving tools, cutting/edge tools and usage- and industry-specific tools and other hand tools and accessories. Hand tools, for the purposes of this report, include products like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, saws, gardening tools/implements and automotive tools.

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Automotive Tools
Automotive Tools Automotive Tools
Automotive Tools
Automotive tools are the devices, which are used for carrying out various jobs like repairing, maintaining, ensuring proper and smooth functioning of the vehicle. These mechanical equipment perform one or more specific functions like repairing, cleaning, polishing, sanding, gripping, tightening, tuning, painting, welding and holding different parts of the automobile. They can be operated either manually or electronically. Automotive tools are sturdy, corrosion resistant, durable, and are made from different materials like plastic, iron, brass, aluminum, steel etc.

Components of Automotive Tools  

Air Pressure Tools Automotive Garage Equipment Automotive Wrenches
Car Care Tools Electrical Testing Tools First Aid Kits
Hand Held Tools Hole Saws Jumper Cables
Power Tools Tire Pressure Gauges Other Automotive Tools

Air Pressure Tools are the pneumatic devices operated with the help of compressed air provided by a gas compressor. Air pressure tools used in automobiles are of many types such as air pressure regulators, air hose, pressure gauges, air valves, air compressors, air dryers, spray gun, air pressure vessel, air brush, air dryer, air pressure sensors etc. Most of the air pressure tools are made up of acetal polymers, aluminum, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc and other types of metals.

Air Pressure Tools
Automotive Garage Equipment

Automotive Garage Equipment
Automotive Garage Equipment includes all those devices, tools and spare parts which are used in auto garage for performing various functions such as servicing, repairing, fitting, fixing, cleaning, welding, painting, polishing and installing components of different types of automobiles. All these equipment have many uses and functions. Usually iron, steel, cast iron, rubber, aluminum, copper, mild steel are used for making different types of automobile garage equipment.
Automotive garage equipment are of many types such as:
Other garage tools consists of:

Automotive Wrenches are the tools comprising of rigid or flexible jaws that are used for accomplishing various tasks like gripping, holding, turning, fastening and twisting nuts, bolts and pipes used in the vehicle. These tools are usually operated manually having box like end that fastens the nuts and bolts. The materials used for manufacturing automotive wrenches are steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel etc.
Differentiated on the basis of their sizes and shapes, automotive wrenches are of many types namely:

Automotive Wrenches
Car Care Tools
These includes diverse range of products that are specifically used for cleaning, washing, polishing, protecting and maintaining automobiles and its various parts.
Some of the car care tools used extensively are:

Electrical Testing Tools are the instruments especially designed to accomplish various tasks such as:
Multimeters: Multimeters, which are mainly used for measuring and recording voltage, current, and resistance. These instruments are widely used and available in different shapes and dimensions.
Timing Lights: Timing Lights are pulsating lights that are used for checking ignition timing. Timing lights are attached to spark plug wire, which flashes when the plug fires.
Wire Crimping Tools: Wire Crimping Tools are the instruments having sharp and cut off edges used for pressing down ridges of wires.
Wire Stripper Tools: Wire Stripper Tools are usually hand operated instruments used for cutting and removing insulation for a proposed distance without harming the solid wire inside.

Electrical Testing Tools
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits consists of medicines, bandages, antiseptic ointments, medicated creams, cotton balls, gauze pads and other necessary medications for treating and giving first aid to patients in emergency. These kits are available in various sizes and can be taken anywhere with greater comfort and easy.

Hand Held Tools comprises of various devices and instruments that are used for various purposes like drilling, welding, cutting, repairing, fitting, fixing and fastening etc. These tools can be hand held, pneumatic or electric. Raw materials used for making these hand held tools are iron, steel, cast iron, aluminum, rubber, copper and mild steel.
Hand held tools are basically of two types:
General Purpose tools: General Purpose tools includes calipers, durometers, hex bit sets, hole saws, impact drivers, nut splitters, ratchets, screw drivers, socket holders, touch pouches, socket sets.
Special purpose tools: Special purpose tools consists of flare tools, laser levels and tubing cutters.

Hand Held Tools
Hole Saws
Hole Saws are the devices having teeth around the hollow edge of a cylinder that are exclusively used for drilling and cutting round holes. The main function of hole saw is to drill large diameter holes with the help of thin wood boards. A hole saw comes equipped with varied sizes of saws that can be changed as per your requirements. As shown in the figure, the basic components of hole saws are shaft, grub screw, and drill bit. Grub screw is used for holding the saw steadily against the shaft thereby allowing it to rotate at the same speed.

Jumper Cables are the cord of metal wire used for actuating an automobile by transmitting electrical current from the charged battery of one automobile to another. With the help of these cables, vehicles having discharged or dead battery can be started easily as well as begin to produce its own power. Generally, Jumper cables have a pair of heavy gauge wires equipped with alligator clips at its ends.

Jumper Cables
Power Tools
Power Tools are the instruments or devices, which are operated with the help of an electronic motor or a compressed air motor. These tools can be fixed or movable. Power tools used in automobiles undertake various operations like cutting, shaping, drilling, sanding, painting, grinding, and polishing.

Tire Pressure Gauges are the instruments or devices used for measuring air pressure in automobile tires. Usually tire pressure gauges have a needle, pointer, an indicator and tubular housing that displays the pressure of air in the automotive tires. These gauges can either be used for inflating air into tires or releasing pressure from tires.

Tire Pressure Gauges
Other Automotive Tools
Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are other automotive devices or components used for accomplishing various functions like storage and organizers are used for keeping and storing automotive tools. Storage and organizers are of several types such as engine bags, storage cabinets, storage cases and tool trays. There are some other tools like tie downs that are specially created for securing wheeled vehicle for safe transportation. The most commonly used tie downs are tie down ratchets, Wire Crimping Tools and truck trailers.
Various other automotive tools include:

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