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Automotive Gauges Articles
A Closer Look at Automotive Gauges ...
Attractive auto gauge dashboards have become a style statement for almost all types of four-wheelers especially cars. Today, all the cars ...

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 Automotive Gauges Industry
Automotive Gauges Industry
The size of worldwide automobile gauge industry is worth US$42 billions. China, Germany, United States, United Kingdom are the leading exporters of automotive gauges and auto meter in the world. The U.S. automotive hard parts market has grown from $7.35 billion in 1993 manufacturer- level revenues to more than $10 billion by the end of year 2007 at a 3 percent compound annual rate. In 2008, the worldwide automotive gauges manufacturers & auto gauge suppliers are shifting their focus towards adding new features to auto gauges. With the massive increase in innovation and upcoming technology, it is expected that in the year 2009 the auto gauge industry will grow at a fast pace than ever.

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Automotive Gauges
Automotive or Automobile Gauges
Automotive gauges are instruments, devices, auto parts or components that are used for determining the dimensions, distances, speed, pressure, temperature. Automotive gague or auto gauge also measure the flow of fuel in automobiles. Generally automotive gauge is a measuring instrument that has a needle, pointer or an indicator and also has a back lit for ensuring greater visibility at night. There are different types of automotive gauges or auto gauges used in the automobiles namely fuel gauges, vacuum gauge, oil pressure auto gauge, tire pressure gauge, level oil gauge and digital gauge.

Usually, a modern automobile system has four main auto gauges namely speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and temperature gauge. All of these automotive gauges have different uses and functions. Automobile gauges come in variety of sizes, shapes, colors and technology. The worldwide automobile gauge industry's size is worth US$42 billions. China, Germany, United States, United Kingdom are the leading exporters of automotive gauges and meters in the world. At present, various auto gauge manufacturers are incorporating latest technology to add new features in these auto parts.

Auto Gauge Types & Accessories 

Automotive Meters Gauge Accessories Gauge Kit
Automotive Gauge Types Fuel Gauges Tire Pressure Gauges
Temperature Gauges Vacuum Gauge  

Automotive meters that are one of the essential parts of auto gauge include those devices or instruments which are used for measuring time, distance, speed, pressure, voltage or recording and monitoring the volume of the flow of a fluid or an electric current. The latest automotive meter comes with a number of necessary features that are essential for modern automotive diagnostics.
Following are the different types of automotive meters used in automotive.

Automotive Meters
Gauge Accessories
Gauge accessories covers subordinate or supplementary items that are needed for installing, supporting, mounting and protecting automobile gauges such as lead wire, probes, boost tubing, holders, light kit, magnetic sensors, temperature sender, pressure sender, fuel lever sender.
Apart from these, there are other auto gauge accessories like:

Automotive gauges and auto gauge kits usually consists of various instruments or devices which are divided under following sub heads:

Gauge Kit
Automotive Gauge Types
The instruments or devices used for ascertaining dimensions, distances, speed, pressure and temperature are automotive gauges. Depending upon the technology, features and functions, auto gauges are classified in different types.
On the basis of their technology, there are two types of automotive gauges:

Fuel gauges are devices used for indicating the level of fuel in a tank. Consisting of two parts the sender unit and indicator, these auto parts are one of the common auto gauges found on any vehicle dashboard. The sending unit in a fuel gauge has a float that connects to a variable resistor. When the tank is full, the float indicates high fuel and as the fuel tank empties, the float drops. The indicator on the instrument panel reads "F" when there is a full tank. In case of empty tank, the needle indicates "E". The fuel gauges are classified into three types:
The fuel gauges are classified into three types:

Fuel Gauges
Tire Pressure Gauges
Tire pressure gauge helps in measuring accurate tire pressure of a vehicle. These automotive gauges comprise of a little spherical thing and a little sliding scale on either ends. The sliding scale on one of the ends is used to measure tire's pressure in any automobile. If the tire pressure in a vehicle is low, it can lead to low gas mileage and blowouts.

Temperature gauges are instruments or devices that are used for indicating the temperature of the engine coolant. Most of the vehicles come with a warning lamp that indicates the increasing or decreasing temperature of the car's engine. The latest vehicles also show temperature readings in degrees.

Temperature Gauges
Vacuum Gauge
A vacuum gauge in an automobile is used to accurate monitoring of negative pressure in a vacuum or to measure manifold pressure. This auto part helps in monitoring and finding different engine problems. An essential type of auto gauge, a vacuum gauge also monitors fuel economy. If the gauge indicates high vacuum readings, it means good fuel economy and low vacuum readings is an indication of poor fuel economy. Vacuum gauges are considered the most useful diagnostic tool in engine diagnosis.

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