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Essential for connecting and fixing different auto parts together – automotive fasteners are also vital for your safety while you are ...

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 Automotive Fasteners Industry
Automotive Fasteners Industry
The worldwide automotive industry is regarded as one of the single largest consumers of fasteners. Comprising of a large number of automotive fasteners suppliers and various fasteners manufacturers, this industry absorbs 26 billion out of total 200 billion fasteners produced yearly. In 2006, this industry occupied 42% of a total market share in the global arena. Industrial products sector consumes around 44% of the total auto fasteners produced worldwide while aerospace or defense industry, absorbs 14% of the automotive fasteners.

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Automotive Fasteners
Automotive Fasteners Automotive Fasteners
Automotive Fasteners
Automotive fasteners are the mechanical devices or components like bolts, nuts, screw, stud, rivets, shims, pin, tie rods etc used for holding or connecting two or more objects together in a structure.

Fasteners are widely used in number of industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, petrochemical, waste processing, marine and pharmaceutical sectors. Automotive fasteners are made up of variety of metals such as stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, nickel etc.

Major Categories of Automotive fasteners 

Automotive Bolts Automotive Nuts Automotive Studs
Automotive Washers Screws Rivets
Tie Rods Other Automotive Fasteners

Automotive bolts often known as threaded fasteners is one of the types of auto fasteners that comprises of either a threaded pin or rod having a head at one end. The bolts are inserted through holes in assembled parts and fastened by a mated nut with a help of torque. A wide variety of automotive bolts are available in the market such as wheel bolts, hub bolts, U-bolts, all mounting plates bolts etc.

Automotive Bolts
Automotive Nuts
Automotive nuts, one of the important types of auto fasteners are usually square or hexagonal shaped metal having a threaded hole which is used for screwing a bolt that hold together temporary or permanent structures through which bolt passes. Automotive nuts can be of different types such as simple nuts, collar nuts, locking nuts, t-nuts, hex nuts, jam nuts, lug nuts, plate nuts, self locking nuts, stainless steel nuts etc.

Automotive studs are commonly referred to as a double ended automobile fastener. Automotive studs are fastened at both the ends with the help of an unthreaded shank. With the growing automotive parts industry, various automotive fasteners manufacturers & suppliers are coming up with new materials to manufacture a variety of auto studs.
On the basis of their usage, automotive studs can be categorized as:
On the basis of material, automobile studs are of many types such as:

Automotive Studs
Automotive Washers
Automotive washers are the small flat dishes having a hole in the center. These essential auto fasteners are generally made of metal, leather, plastic, and rubber. The main function of the automotive washers is to hold or bear the load of a threaded fastener or bolt. Washers are just put below a nut, axle bearing or joint with the main purpose of preventing leakage and distributing pressure.
Commonly used automotive washers are:

Automotive screws are that type of fasteners, which consist of a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head. Screws are usually made up of metal and are mainly used for holding tightly different types of objects together. Moreover, socket screw have excellent holding power than nails and can be reused again.


Rivets often regarded as a mechanical fastener having a cylindrical shaft with head on one hand. Rivets are the oldest forms of automotive fasteners used in building traditional wooden boat. But now rivets are used as automobile fasteners in a wide number of applications like aircraft, bridges, cranes, building frames etc.

TTie rods that are usually the metallic rods are specifically used for connecting two pieces of machine so that they function together. These automotive fasteners are used in automobiles especially cars or trucks to join the pitman arm and the idler arm to the steering knuckle arms. Tie rods have multiple applications. Apart from being used as automotive fasteners, tie rods are used in building bridges, industrial buildings, tanks, towers, and cranes. Tie rod ends are the flexible coupling in the steering linkage which are used for attaching or connecting the tie rods to the steering knuckles.

Tie Rods
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Automotive Fasteners
Apart from the fasteners mentioned above, there are other types of automotive fasteners also which have multiple applications and uses. Automotive fasteners suppliers design and manufacture a wide variety of fasteners from varied materials.
The other types of auto fasteners include:

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