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Video Devices
Video Devices are used in the automobiles to provide entertainment to the passengers. Though there are audio devices like two way radios, CB Radios, car speakers, etc. in the automotive market, but video devices have also attracted huge customers due to their various distinct features. The automotive video device are nothing but electronic apparatus used for producing and displaying images through which passengers of vehicle can easily see movies and television programs and play video games. There are various types of video devices that could be fitted with the automobile like DVD players, video spy devices, monitor mounts and video screen. China occupies the global market of video devices for automobile with CAGR of 28% which causes tremendous impact on the development of the global market. The annual CAGR of global automotive electronics market which includes automotive video devices is forecasted to steadily increase by 7.3% from 2005 to 2010. The global market of automotive video devices is predicted to grow up to 2.7% per year on an average. According to the recent trend, automotive video devices include navigational systems that provide maps and GPS data to the driver and act as an excellent guide.

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Video Devices
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