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Automotive Seats
Automotive seats are generally made of leather, fabric, Rexene etc. The global market of automotive seats is valued at US$ 52 million. Major factors affecting the purchase decision for seats are flexibility, cost effectiveness, safety and durability. Taiwan and China are emerging to be manufacturers of car seats who are expected to take over the international market very soon. The basic criterion that should be kept in mind before buying a car seat is that it should fit your child. Automotive seats should be easy for you to install and use correctly every time and it fits your car. The primary requirements are finding a seat that is adjustable up and down, back and forth and that has a reclining back, adjustable lumbar support, height adjustable arm rests and seats that can tilt in front, so the base of the seat does not press against the back of your knees. The present market is filled with designer acar seats for different vehicles. Beautifully designed automotive seats, covers & mats, automotive carpets add to the interior of the vehicle.

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Automotive Seats
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