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Why Do Car Accessories Sell As Hot Cakes? ...
An automobile isn't just a means of transport, it's also a possession, a convenience, a fashion statement and much more. Automobile accessories not only protect ...

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 Auto Accessories  Industry
Auto Accessories Industry
The worldwide automotive parts and accessories industry is the highly diverse market, which is predicted to reach US $1 trillion by the end of 2010. United States is the leading market for the auto accessories and automotive parts industry occupying 30% of the total demand. European market is the second largest market for automotive parts accessories that accounts for a share of US $ 180 billion. China, Italy, Taiwan and United States are the leading automotive accessories manufacturing countries. There is estimation also that in the coming years Asia-pacific market for auto parts accessories will witness a growth of over 9%.

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Auto Accessories
Auto Accessories Auto Accessories
Auto accessories include all those additional or supplementary devices or products used in automobiles for various purposes like convenience, appeal, safety, etc. Automotive accessories can be broadly classified into two main categories: interior auto accessories and exterior auto accessories.

Interior accessories are of many types such as air bags, air fresheners, seat covers, carpet kits, rear view mirrors etc while exterior accessories consists of body panels, light covers, license plates, side bars, windshield wiper blades, exterior lights, wheel covers, visors etc. These automobile accessories enhance the overall appearance as well as protect the different components of the vehicle.

Types of Automotive Accessories  

Automotive Body Polishes/ Paints Automobile Maintenance Supplies Automotive Seats
Car Care Products and Tools Audio Devices Video Devices
Automotive Security Devices Other Accessories

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Automotive body polishes and paints are the agents, substances or chemicals specifically used for providing decorative or protective covering to the body of a vehicle. Polishes that are auto accessories rubbed on automobiles bodies are basically the substances that makes the surface glossy, shining and gleaming. Paints applied on the automobiles generally consist of three basic ingredients like pigment, resin and solvent. Auto accessories like polishes and paints are very necessary for your automobiles as they clean, protect and embellish the look of the vehicle. Polishing and waxing your vehicles protect it from pollution, acid rain, and other foreign contaminants.
Depending on their usage, automotive body polishes and paints components can be classified into:

 Automotive Body Polishes/ Paints
Automobile Maintenance Supplies
Automobile maintenance supplies comprises of fluids, greases, oils and other types of lubricants used for maintaining the parts and components of automobiles.

When applied on the automotive components, these automotive maintenance supplies that are auto accessories improve the overall functioning and performance of the vehicle.

Different types of automobile maintenance supplies or lubricants are:

Automotive seats installed in the vehicle are the cushioned devices on which a person sits. Seats, that are auto accessories, come in a vast range of colors, designs, patterns, and styles. Acrylic fur, neoprene, polyester, velour and cotton are the most commonly used fabrics for making seats for automobiles. Automotive seats are available either as custom-fit or universal-fit. These seats are durable, easy to install, waterproof, stain resistant and spruce up the interiors of the vehicle.
Basic types of automotive seats and their accessories available in market are as follows:

Automotive Seats
Car Care Products and Tools
Car care products and tools include ensemble of devices, components and special auto accessories used in repairing, maintaining, cleaning, washing, polishing, and assuring smooth functioning of the car.
There are innumerable car care products or car care tools that available in the market for taking care of cars. These products include:

Audio devices used as auto accessories in automobile include all the latest electronic gadgets that are used for transmitting, receiving or reproducing sounds or frequencies in the audible range. These devices are portable, easy to install, user friendly, easy to operate and mostly used for playing music in the automobiles. While buying automotive accessories like audio devices for the vehicle, several points should be kept in mind. Buyers usually look for only those products that are durable, user friendly, better sound quality, and compatible.
Various types of digital audio devices for automobiles have been launched in the market such as:

Audio Devices

Audio Devices
Video Devices
Video devices are the electronic apparatus used for producing and displaying images. These days automobiles are adding innovative features for providing source of entertainment to the passengers of vehicle. Through these video devices, passengers can easily see movies and television programmes, play video games, and can also get connected to Internet. Some of the vehicles have video devices equipped with navigational systems that provides maps and GPS data to the driver.
Apart from these, there are other video devices installed in vehicles namely:

Automotive security devices, the auto parts accessories are also known as vehicle security devices. These auto accessories like apparatus or equipment are installed in automobiles so as to ensure that they are properly locked and secured. Most of these security devices are automatic and operate with the help of remote.
The commonly used automotive accessories like auto security devices are:

Automotive Security Devices

Automotive Security Devices
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Other Accessories

Other Auto Accessories

Other Auto Accessories
Apart from the above mentioned automobile accessories, there are other auto accessories available in the market. Automobiles make use of supplementary objects like covers, mats, lights, air fresheners, music systems to beautify and decorate the interiors as well as exteriors of the vehicles. Besides enhancing the interiors and exteriors of the vehicle, automotive accessories also provide protective covering and strong support to the various parts of the automobile. Automobile accessories are basically the additional features that are used for improving the performance and functioning of the vehicle. These auto accessories can easily be customized according to your desired needs and specifications.
Auto accessories are of many types like:

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